Differences Between UI and UX Design

  1. UX Design: this is the process of creating research based, interactive designs between human users and digital products or websites. Design decisions here are driven by research, analytics, empathy and test results. The main objective of UX design is to create products that provide meaningful experiences and are useful to users.
  • User research
  • Content development
  • Wireframing
  • Prototyping
  • Competitor analysis
  • Testing and iteration
  • Coordination with UI designs and other product team members
  • UX analysis
  • UI designers create the user interface for digital products like apps, etc.
  • Designing UI elements such as buttons, icons, sliders and scrollbars.
  • Thinking responsive design; how the app interface will display on various screen sizes.
  • Choosing the appropriate fonts and type settings.
  • Creating animations.



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Naomi Oyibo

Naomi Oyibo

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